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Ingrid Martine and Rick Maurer - The Un-Game Book Interview

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Book Woman – Heart/Mind-Centered Leadership Presentation Enjoyed by All!

The Book Woman event was wonderful. The Mind/Heart-centered Leadership presentation with some of Austin’s mind/heart-centered leaders is pictured here.  Thank you Book Woman for providing us such a great venue to interact!

Common wisdom says “Don’t preach to the choir.” Think again. How well does the choir sing together in the overall domain of a community’s leadership? Besides, if they’re at the highest level on a scale of 1 to 4,, they will be the ones who will bring the 3’s they know up a level. The 3’s will bring the 2’s along. Leave the 1’s alone entirely. They will only come along when they’re all alone. :)

How many people do you know who try to enroll the 1’s? It is not the best investment of your energy. Why not lead with clarity, focus, ease, and grace?

Ingrid Martine, MA, PCC, author of The Un-Game and mind-ZENgineering coach works with organizations and individuals to empower them to move their lives from a 7 to 10 at work, home, and play.  For her FREE report, “Reap the Harvest of a Quiet Mind:  Empower Self, Empower Others”, or “Management Training for Business as Unusual”, visit:, or connect with Ingrid at: and  .



Presentation at Book Woman – Austin – Heart/Mind-Centered Leadership: The Time Is NOW… The Moment Is This One

Women are well practiced in heart/mind-centered leadership. As the old command and control model of leadership is being hospiced, women’s leadership is beginning to gain recognition. The Un-Game: Four-Play to Business As UNusual  is a demonstration here and now of the leadership mind and skill-sets that will determine our future. Told as the coming of age story of a young manager and set in the people-serving corporation we hope for, The Un-Game nevertheless challenges readers to apply Un-game principles in all areas of their lives.

Date:            October 21, 2012

Time:           3:30 – 4:45 PM

Location:      Book Woman, 5501 N. Lamar, Austin, TX  78751

Inner Sustainability: Would it be alright with you if life got easier? – Join Author, Ingrid Martine September 15th!

Join The Un-Game: Four Play to Business as UNusual author, Ingrid Martine for a live presentation – Inner Sustainability:  Would it be alright with you if life got easier? on Saturday, September 15th, 2012 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM at:  Green Planet Sanctuary in Houston – 13424-B Briar Forest Dr., Houston, TX 77077.

INNER SUSTAINABILITY: Would it be alright with you if life got easier? with author and life coach, Ingrid Martine in a special GPS presentation. Learn how to live with clarity, focus, ease, and grace from one who knows and wants to share her secrets with you!

Class fee $25 at door or $20 if registered by 9/7/12. PLEASE RSVP TO

“The Un-Game” Reviewed in The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News and business book reviewer Jim Pawlak only review 2 of every 40 books they are asked to review each month.  I am pleased to share that The Un-Game: Four-Play to Business as UNusual was recently chosen and featured by Pawlak in The Dallas Morning News and at

Below is the review as it appeared on August 12, 2012. Even in its shortened version (Jim Pawlak has an editor too), The UnGame‘s main message was preserved.

“Ultimately we cannot only change programs. We have to change visions. A new world in business as in the rest of our life depends on changed minds.” By Jim Pawlak – Special Contributor

“The Un-Game: Four-Play to Business as UNusual” by Ingrid Martine (Your Leaders’ Edge Press, $19.95.) Ingrid Martine says the unaware life is incompatible with success. She introduces the COSA management process – Choose, Observe, Say Yes, Act.

If you choose to be a catalyst rather than a drone, controller or corrector you can constantly expand your comfort zone – and those of your staff. To observe you have to rid yourself of “monkey mind” – the Buddhist metaphor for self-limiting talk.

The monkey mind says “I can’t,” but really means “I won’t.”  It usually interprets situations in terms of what you’re willing to do, rather than what you can do.  Observation helps change our minds because it shows us other perspectives.

Being uncomfortable can lead to “aha moments.”  The monkey mind fears saying yes because it forces us to look at things differently.  Only continuous improvement moves you from where you are to where you want to be. And when you act you’re engaging with others, not telling them what to do.  Showing people why, gets them thinking about how.

Jim Pawlak reviews business books for The Dallas Morning News. 

Barnes & Noble Book Signing Attracts More Than 40!

A seasoned educator and corporate coach, Ingrid Martine of Bosque County has recently released her new book, The Un-Game:  Four-play to Business as UN-usualThe Un-Game:  Four-play to Business as UN-usual.    While the book targets corporate managers, it has tools for everyone to unchain the brain, dispose of mind-clutter, challenge conventional wisdom with innovative approaches to solving problems, tap not sap energy reserves, etc.     Martine’s study of how we learn led her to structure the book in a fiction format to make the message not only more readable but more memorable.  Each chapter ends with questions designed for the reader to focus in on the lessons learned by the protagonist.    A recent book-signing event at Barnes & Noble in Waco turned out over 40 readers, many from Clifton and the surrounding area.  For more information see

Business as Un-usual – Would it be Okay if There Were Less to Your Challenges Than Meets the Eye?”

  Join author, Ingrid Martine for a presentation of: “Business as Unusual: Would it be Okay if There Were Less to Your Challenges Than Meets the Eye?” June 26, 2012 – 11:30 AM Clifton Lions Club – 2nd and Cedar Park, Clifton, TX  76634

Path to Personal Power – A Presentation with Author Ingrid Martine

Upcoming event with author Ingrid Martine! June 3, 2012 – 9:30 AM       Unity of Wimberly, 455 White Wings Rd., Wimberly, TX 78676 “Path to Personal Power: A 4-Step Model for Inner Environmental Sustainability”